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Mayrhofen Ski Resort, Mayrhofen
08 April until 13 April 2024
12:00 to 23:00
Minimum Age:

About Snowbombing

Snowbombing Austria is an exhilarating and internationally renowned music and winter sports festival that combines the thrill of skiing and snowboarding with the electrifying beats of electronic music. Held annually in the picturesque Alpine resort of Mayrhofen, Austria, Snowbombing has earned a reputation as one of the ultimate snow and music experiences in Europe.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Austrian Alps, Snowbombing offers a unique fusion of winter sports and world-class music, creating an extraordinary atmosphere that captivates adventure seekers and music enthusiasts alike.

Music is at the core of Snowbombing, featuring a diverse and star-studded lineup of top electronic music artists, DJs, and live performers from around the globe. From pulsating techno and house beats to bass-heavy sounds, the festival showcases a wide range of electronic genres that set the slopes on fire. Stages are positioned both on the mountains and in the valley, offering a diverse range of musical experiences against breathtaking natural scenery.

What sets Snowbombing apart is the festival's unique concept of daytime snow-based activities and nighttime music performances. Festivalgoers can spend their days skiing or snowboarding on the pristine slopes of the Zillertal Valley, enjoying the thrill of winter sports in one of Europe's most stunning mountain regions. Then, as the sun sets, the party transitions to the festival's multiple stages and venues, where renowned artists and DJs take over, creating an electrifying and high-energy atmosphere.

Beyond the music and winter sports, Snowbombing offers an array of immersive experiences, including themed parties, art installations, and even a street festival in the heart of Mayrhofen. Attendees can explore the festival's unique environments, from igloo raves to mountaintop stages, enhancing their overall festival experience.

Snowbombing also hosts a variety of apr├Ęs-ski parties, where festivalgoers can unwind with a drink and dance to music in cozy Alpine huts, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the festival's winter wonderland.

The festival's community spirit is a key element of its appeal. Snowbombing attracts an international crowd of ski and music enthusiasts, fostering an atmosphere of unity, adventure, and shared experiences. Whether you're an experienced skier, a snowboarding pro, or simply a music lover, Snowbombing creates a sense of camaraderie among attendees.

In summary, Snowbombing Austria is a thrilling and immersive fusion of winter sports and electronic music that celebrates the magic of the Austrian Alps and the power of music to unite people from all walks of life. It stands as a testament to the thrill of adventure, the joy of music, and the transformative ability of festivals to create lasting memories filled with excitement, connection, and mountain magic.



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