Meadows in the Mountains

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Polkovnik Serafimovo, Smoljan
06 June until 09 June 2024
14:00 to 23:00
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About Meadows in the Mountains

Meadows in the Mountains is not your typical music festival. Nestled in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, this enchanting and intimate event has garnered a reputation as one of the world's most unique and beloved festivals. Since its inception in 2010, Meadows in the Mountains has offered attendees a transformative experience that transcends the traditional concept of music festivals. This comprehensive description will delve into the many facets of Meadows in the Mountains, exploring its history, its unparalleled connection to nature, its musical diversity, its cultural significance, and the profound sense of community that sets it apart.

A Brief History

Meadows in the Mountains was conceived in 2010 by three friends, Benjamin Ness, Damian Griffiths, and Jay Webley. They were inspired by the idea of creating a festival that not only celebrated music but also allowed attendees to connect with nature and one another on a deeper level. The founders chose the pristine and picturesque Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria as the perfect setting for their vision.

Over the years, Meadows in the Mountains has grown from a small gathering into an internationally acclaimed festival. Its success lies in its ability to create a sense of unity and shared experience, where attendees feel like part of a larger, global community. This unique fusion of nature, music, and culture has made the festival a hidden gem in the world of festivals.

Connection to Nature

The most distinctive feature of Meadows in the Mountains is its profound connection to nature. The festival's setting in the Rhodope Mountains, surrounded by lush meadows, forests, and pristine landscapes, provides a breathtaking and mystical backdrop. Attendees are encouraged to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings and appreciate the beauty of the environment.

The festival site itself is a work of art, designed to blend seamlessly with nature. Stages are carefully positioned to offer attendees panoramic views of the mountains, and accommodations are thoughtfully integrated into the landscape. This harmonious coexistence between the festival and its natural setting creates a sense of wonder and awe that is rarely experienced in a festival environment.

Meadows in the Mountains encourages attendees to participate in nature-focused activities. From guided hikes and yoga sessions to meditation and workshops on foraging, the festival provides opportunities to deepen one's connection to the environment. Attendees often take the time to explore the mountains, reveling in the serenity and beauty of the Rhodopes.

One of the festival's most enchanting traditions is the "sunrise dance," where attendees gather at the crack of dawn to dance and celebrate the rising sun. This ritual not only honors the natural world but also creates a magical and communal experience that is both invigorating and spiritually enriching.

Musical Diversity

Meadows in the Mountains is more than a music festival; it's a celebration of diverse sounds from around the world. The festival lineup spans a wide range of musical genres, including electronic, folk, indie, and world music. The musical diversity reflects the organizers' commitment to offering attendees a rich and culturally diverse experience.

While the festival does feature headlining acts, it also serves as a platform for emerging talent, celebrating a variety of musical styles. Attendees can expect to hear everything from hypnotic electronic beats to acoustic folk melodies, and they are encouraged to explore and discover new sounds throughout the event.

The stages at Meadows in the Mountains are designed to enhance the musical experience. Each stage is uniquely positioned to offer attendees stunning vistas of the Rhodope Mountains. The ethereal combination of music and nature creates a powerful and emotional connection, making every performance unforgettable.

Meadows in the Mountains also places a strong emphasis on live music, with acoustic sets, traditional performances, and world music acts often gracing the stages. These live performances are an essential part of the festival's diverse and eclectic lineup.

Cultural Significance

Meadows in the Mountains is a celebration of culture and community. The festival's cultural program goes beyond music, offering attendees the opportunity to explore a wide range of artistic expressions, traditions, and ideas.

Art installations and interactive experiences are integral to the festival's cultural offerings. Artists from various disciplines are invited to create installations that engage the senses and spark curiosity. These interactive displays often involve light, sound, and technology, creating a surreal and otherworldly atmosphere.

The festival celebrates the local culture and traditions of Bulgaria, incorporating elements of folk music, dance, and storytelling into the program. Attendees have the chance to immerse themselves in the rich history and heritage of the region, forging a deeper connection with the local culture.

Meadows in the Mountains also offers a platform for discussions, workshops, and talks on a wide range of topics, from sustainability and environmental consciousness to art and creativity. These sessions foster critical thinking and provide a space for dialogue and learning.

Sense of Community

One of the most enchanting aspects of Meadows in the Mountains is the profound sense of community that pervades the event. The intimate size of the festival, along with the shared experience of connecting with nature, music, and culture, fosters a sense of belonging among attendees.

The festival is designed to create an atmosphere of inclusivity and camaraderie. Attendees often describe the event as a family, where strangers become friends, and where the sense of community extends far beyond the festival grounds.

Meadows in the Mountains emphasizes the importance of treating each other with respect and kindness. The sense of unity is reinforced by a shared commitment to the environment, sustainability, and the preservation of the natural beauty of the Rhodope Mountains.

The festival's unique and transformative atmosphere, coupled with the breathtaking setting, creates a sense of magic and wonder that is not easily forgotten. For many attendees, Meadows in the Mountains is more than a festival; it's a life-altering experience that leaves a lasting impact and forges lasting connections.


Meadows in the Mountains is a hidden gem in the world of music and arts, where nature, music, and community come together to create something extraordinary. Its deep connection to the Rhodope Mountains, its extraordinary musical diversity, its rich cultural program, and the profound sense of community make it a truly unique event. The festival celebrates the natural world, the diverse sounds of the global music scene, and the beauty of human connection.

Meadows in the Mountains is an event that transcends the traditional concept of a music festival. It's a celebration of the human spirit, the natural world, and the power of community. It's a place where music and magic collide, and where attendees are transported to a realm where their wildest dreams come to life. Meadows in the Mountains is more than a festival; it's an enchanting and transformative experience that leaves a profound impact on the hearts and minds of all who attend.



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