Family Piknik

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Frontignan, Montpellier
02 August until 04 August 2024
12:00 to 23:00
Minimum Age:

About Family Piknik

Family Piknik is a renowned electronic music festival that unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of France, creating an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts and families alike. Established in 2012, this festival has evolved into an iconic celebration of electronic music, blending cutting-edge sounds with a family-friendly atmosphere that sets it apart from many other electronic music events.

The festival typically takes place in the charming city of Montpellier, nestled in the beautiful Occitanie region of southern France. Family Piknik's venue selection is strategic, often held in a lush park or open-air setting, providing a serene and welcoming environment for all attendees. This setting allows festivalgoers to bask in the warmth of the Mediterranean climate while enjoying an array of musical performances.

At the heart of Family Piknik is its commitment to diversity and innovation within electronic music. The festival boasts an eclectic lineup featuring internationally renowned DJs and producers, showcasing a wide spectrum of electronic music genres, from deep house and techno to trance and progressive. These musical talents create a dynamic and immersive sonic experience that keeps the energy high throughout the event.

What truly sets Family Piknik apart is its family-friendly approach. In addition to offering a diverse musical program for adults, the festival provides a variety of activities and entertainment for children, making it an ideal choice for families looking to share the festival experience. From interactive workshops to kid-friendly performances, Family Piknik ensures that everyone can enjoy the event, regardless of age.

Food and beverage options at Family Piknik are also a highlight, featuring a range of local and international cuisine to satisfy every palate. Attendees can savor gourmet treats, sip on refreshing beverages, and indulge in the flavors of the region, adding a delightful culinary dimension to the festival experience.

Family Piknik's commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices further reinforces its reputation as a socially responsible event. The festival strives to reduce its environmental impact, promoting responsible consumption and waste reduction initiatives.

In summary, Family Piknik in France is not just a music festival; it's a holistic experience that caters to music lovers of all ages and backgrounds. With its breathtaking setting, diverse lineup, family-friendly ethos, and commitment to sustainability, Family Piknik continues to captivate audiences and create lasting memories, making it a standout event on the international festival circuit.



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