808 Festival

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Khwaeng Bang Na, Bangkok
08 December until 10 December 2023
14:00 to 23:00
Minimum Age:

About 808 Festival

808 Festival Thailand is an electrifying and internationally renowned electronic dance music (EDM) festival that brings the world's top DJs and EDM artists to the vibrant city of Bangkok, creating an unforgettable celebration of music, dance, and visual spectacle. Named after the iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine that has played a pivotal role in shaping electronic music, 808 Festival Thailand has become a cornerstone of the Asian festival scene, attracting music enthusiasts from across the region and around the globe.

The festival's venue, typically set in a sprawling outdoor space or a massive indoor arena, transforms into a pulsating and high-energy playground where attendees can immerse themselves in a sonic and visual wonderland.

Music is the heartbeat of 808 Festival Thailand, featuring a star-studded lineup of world-renowned DJs and EDM artists across various sub-genres, including house, techno, trance, and bass music. From legendary headliners to emerging talent, the festival's stages offer a diverse range of electronic sounds that cater to a wide spectrum of musical preferences. The stages are known for their state-of-the-art production, mesmerizing visual displays, and immersive designs that create an electrifying atmosphere.

Beyond the music, 808 Festival Thailand offers a visual and sensory feast. Attendees can expect stunning light shows, breathtaking pyrotechnics, and captivating art installations that complement the music, making each performance a multisensory experience. The festival's dedication to merging music and art adds depth and richness to the overall atmosphere, inviting festivalgoers to explore and engage with various forms of artistic expression.

808 Festival Thailand is also celebrated for its inclusive and welcoming community spirit. It draws attendees from diverse backgrounds, fostering an atmosphere of unity, acceptance, and celebration. The festival's diverse and international crowd contributes to a rich tapestry of cultural exchange, where people come together to revel in their shared love for music and dance.

As night falls, 808 Festival Thailand transforms into a luminous world of lights, lasers, and pulsating beats. The festival's captivating visual displays, along with its dynamic nightlife experiences, keep the energy soaring well into the early hours, creating unforgettable memories for attendees.

In addition to the music and art, 808 Festival Thailand offers a variety of culinary delights. Food vendors serve up a wide array of local and international cuisines, ensuring that festivalgoers can savor a diverse range of flavors and dishes.

In summary, 808 Festival Thailand is an electrifying and immersive EDM festival that seamlessly blends music, art, and culture into a one-of-a-kind experience. It's a celebration of unity, creativity, and the power of electronic music and art to connect people from all corners of the world. This festival stands as a testament to Bangkok's vibrant cultural scene and the transformative ability of music and art to create lasting memories filled with excitement, connection, and pure euphoria.


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